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I love summer.

I ❤ summer!

I like summer no matter what but I especially love it when  I’m on field break. Who wants to be out on a drill rig in 30 to 40 degrees (Celcius) weather anyway? Sydney’s had absolutely fabulous beach weather this summer and I’m taking every opportunity to get my tan on. Yep, a morena like me still needs to even out my colour. And boy, do I love my brown skin. A cute British boy once told me, “You’re the only Filipina I know who loves her skin colour. Everyone in the Philippines wants to be whiter. I love that you love your colour because your colour is beautiful.”

[Excuse me while I  search for my panties.]

Panties away!

Panties away!

So anyway, today I went to Long Reef Beach for a bit of me-time and baking. As usual, I took some photos and a few videos. Sometimes I wonder why I do shit stuff like this. Maybe I’m just bored.

On my way to the beach!

On my way to the beach!

Panoramic view!

View from the top.

And here be my two videos.

Have I already tasted my piece of one sweet love?

And we gonna let it burn, burn, burn, burn.

On my way home, I changed clothes next to my car and I placed my wet swimmers and my blue sarong on top of my car and drove off. It must have been a full 7 minutes of driving before I saw something in my rearview mirror fly out onto Pittwater Road. Gasp! My sarong and bathing suit! I debated for a long time whether to turn around and get it back but Pittwater Road is a pretty busy main road and I thought that maybe by the time I got back they won’t even be there anymore. However, after about 10 minutes of internal deliberation, I turned back. It took another 10 minutes to get to the exact spot where I left my articles of clothing.

Check out that tiny thing in the green box.

When there came a gap in the flow of traffic, I casually walked across the road, picked up my belongings and sauntered back to my car. I swear, the hilarious situations I get myself into! Did I ever tell you about that time I disembarked from a plane and walked across the Sydney domestic airport barefoot because my flip flops broke? That was only last January 9.

Ooh, I discovered a cool feature on my HTC One. I can do sequence shots! This morning, I got Marissa to take my photo/s and I combined them to make this:

Jump - Walk - Wheee!

Jump – Walk – Wheee!

You might be seeing more sequence shots in future blog posts. 😉