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So I woke up this morning, sleepy and all, after spending the evening and the early hours of the morning watching the Sochi Olympics. Why must I wake up so early when there’s no school on a Friday, today of all Fridays? Well, all faculty must attend the meeting/assembly organized by the University to address some of the legal issues concerning the K-12 program. So go I must to the 9 am meeting.

I left the house a little after 730 pm, a tad worried that I might be late. I arrived at the van terminal around 740-ish, and the line was already quite long. But no worries; there were several vans on standby, simply waiting for the current vehicle to move. I got on the 2nd van in line, yes, and not only that, I even got to sit in front, right by the door, my favorite spot. I mean, who wants to sit in the farthest end of a van especially when you know you’re getting off at the very first stop, ahead of the other passengers? So that was a nice start to this Friday.

And then, the LRT station. The worry intensified a bit. It was a few minutes after 8 am, still within the rush hour, still within the dreaded 630-930 am crowd control window being implemented by the LRTA management. So I hurried up to the terminal, and yes, there were lines. But wait, only 4 lines? And it’s not even 20 passengers per line? You know what happened?

Strike two, for Luck.

Would you believe I didn’t even have to wait for 15 minutes before I was able to go up the actual platform and board the train? I was even right in front of the door when it opened for us passengers. Amazing! Long story short, I got to school 10 minutes before the start of the assembly, giving me plenty of time to powder my nose and check some stuff at the faculty office.

And then the meeting. I thought, I really thought it was going to be boring. Yes, I know that the meeting is important for it addresses the concerns of all faculty members, but still, on a Friday? At 9 am? Thankfully, the speakers for the day, both lawyers, were not your typical stuffy attorneys out to bore the living daylights out of any human being. They were, in fact, very engaging. And funny, too! I must say I learned a lot this morning, thanks to those speakers.

After about 2 hours, I started having hunger pangs. And if you know me, you know that those pangs shouldn’t be ignored lest 3rd World War happens as a consequence. So I left the auditorium to grab something to eat, but then I passed by some stalls (it is University Week after all, so with all the stalls and booths selling all imaginable things, not to mention the people starting to mill about,  not to mention the moolah that would be spent on senseless things, I wasn’t too keen on really buying anything) and saw this shirt:


The game is on!

Good purchase, don’t you think? Irene Adler would be so envious.

And then I decided to go to the mall to have a decent lunch. None of the cafeteria food, no, not for me, not today.

What to eat? Where to eat? Ah. Arya’s. Persian food on a Friday sounds fabulous.


The waiter asked, “table for one, ma’am?” To which I simply replied with, “oh yes.”

I had the spicy beef biryani, with a huge plate of biryani rice, and Turkish coffee.


Would you believe I actually finished that entire plate of rice? All of it! Not a grain was left on the plate. Not one! I’m the rice monster I tell ya.


Hello, Sultan! Nice hat.

After that lovely lunch, I decided to walk around and do some shopping (walk those carbs, yeah!). I bought some BluRay discs, some organic meds, and did more window shopping as a form of exercise (I think it was my wallet that got thinner in the process, not me).

After my exercise of choice, I went to the spa to get a much-needed massage. Sorry, no photos (well of course, duh).

Now what to do after the massage?, I asked myself. Thing was, I had to go back to the University because I decided to return to that one booth that was selling perfumes. Almost everything was on sale. And my sister wanted a bottle of Lancome’s Miracle so, okay. That seals it. Back to the University, I must go. A bit agitated, truth be told, because the guy told me earlier there was only 1 box of Miracle left.

So then, there I was, at the same stall, asking for the bottle of Miracle. It’s still there. 2,500 pesos. Not for one bottle, no. For that amount I get 2 -100 ml bottles, one Miracle, and the other So Magic!, also by Lancome.


Smells Riddikulus to me.

2,500 pesos for 2 100 ml bottles. That’s not a pocket-sized bottle, folks. That’s not a travel size perfume. That’s a huge-ass bottle. And that’s a steal!

Happy with my purchase, I left immediately, not wanting to cause further damage to my already anorexic wallet.

Almost 4 pm, LRT station. It’s going to be the start of rush hour once again. Brace yourself, Frankie.

You know what happened as I waited for the train to arrive?



Miracle? So magic, hahahaha!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. This was my ride this afternoon.


And because there were only a few people onboard the train by the time I got to my stop, I didn’t even have to queue at the turnstile. First in line, baby!

So I went to the jeepney terminal, my last ride for home. Bought my fare, and went straight to the barker to give my chip for my ride. The barker told me upon receiving my token, “isa na lang” (one more passenger).

Normally I wouldn’t go for it; I knew that being the last passenger meant having to squeeze your way between two already-seated passengers, all acrobatic moves known to man mandatory. But then I decided to go for it. I didn’t want to wait for more passengers to fill the next jeepney so Nadia Comăneci my way I went for it.

But then the barker told me belatedly, “dun po sa harapan” (the vacant seat is in front).


Again, my favorite spot. It’s not even the seat between the driver and another passenger. I got the one next to the door with the sliding windows.

Again, say it with me.


I tell you, the day’s been filled with so many amazing things I’ve practically lost count of ’em all. What’s with all these lovely, splendid things? I felt like singing, “but somewhere in my youth, or childhood. I must have done something good.”

What is the universe trying to tell me?

Perhaps it’s trying to tell me that blessings are all over the place, if one knows how to recognize them.

Sure, I do get off days, like any other person. But that’s part of the deal, yeah? But good days do happen too, and when they do, I make sure to grab it by the proverbial horns and never let go until I’m fully satisfied.

Thing is, I’ve always known it, that I’m one lucky lady. So all these things that have happened today, come to think of it, didn’t really surprise me at all. In a way, I sort of expected it. Why?

Just because.

I am glad that I get to do things, and buy stuff, and enjoy myself, and learn new ideas, and do honest work, and meet new people, and just have fun along the way. But in the end it’s not so much all of that, but the realization that I am truly blessed that makes me feel luckier. I’m sure many others are also equally, if not more blessed than I am, but they don’t know it. That’s a tragedy if you ask me.

That I recognize my own brand of luck, feel my own brand of blessings, realize my own brand of miracle and magic in so many forms and shapes—-for all these I am truly, wonderfully grateful.

Thank you.

And with that, here’s me throwing a bit more magic and miracle to come your way. For without a doubt, magic shared is magic multiplied.

Blessed be.