Yes, I am still alive.

While I haven’t been putting my thoughts on ether of late, I must admit I’ve been trying to deal with a deluge of Muggle concerns, to wit, teaching (yes, we’re already four weeks into the new term, hu. . . .rrah), writing, editing (well, mostly clerical work, really), teaching, attending meetings left, right, and center (and you, my friend, know how much I hate meetings), nanny duty-ing (I thought I had to rhyme my verbs, sorry), and oh, yeah, TEACHING.

Where in Merlin’s baggy Y fronts did the summer go? 

Oh I have way too many pending stories to blog about. I missed blogging about my birthday (waaaaaay missed it, Frankie), Giselle’s fabulously amazing, freakishly outstanding birthday gift (coming home to Pinas to surprise me on the exact day was just. . . .oh, wonderful!), our impulsive decision to travel to Boracay to celebrate our birthdays (hey, booking everything with only six days lead time was an unlocked achievement, I say), getting some tan within the first couple of hours (ouch!), meeting friends unexpectedly in the middle of all that sand (hello, Francis and RB!), and THE FOOD! And oh THE HOTEL (Discovery Shores is amaaaaaaazing!).  . . .

. . . and I missed blogging about my students, too.

And it must be said I miss them loads, especially my students in my literature elective. 

Did I ever tell you about my Hogwarts-DLSU class last term? Did I tell you about my students and their awesome projects? Did I ever tell you about our End of Term Feast, and the House Cup winners (yes, two Houses won, a record indeed), and all the stories they told me after the parting of the ways?

No? Oh, right. I didn’t blog about any of that. I have been remiss with my duties. Sorry about that. 

Suffice it to say that the past few months were fabulous. There’ve been a few work-related annoying circumstances, but like everything else, none of that matters now. We all just continue to forge ahead, like good foot soldiers. 

Well, that’s about it for tonight, I suppose. Just a quick holler. Not long by my standards but longer that what I’ve came up with the past few months. Just wanted to say I miss this pensieve. 

I miss my brain, too. And my diligence. I think the summer stole ’em from me and I’ve been trying to cope with the universe minus those two things. 

Scary? Nah.