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My mother was right. “You’ll be too excited to experience London and Scotland together that you won’t have time to blog,” she said.

On the Millenium Bridge in London.

The fact that our last post was last May 14, I think mum has a valid point. It’s not that we’re lazy…okay, maybe we are. I’ve been lazy to even write on my travel journal. *Makes mental note to start jotting down things tomorrow morning.*

You know how it is, you’re with your friends and you don’t want to be anti-social and start burying your head in a journal writing stuff down. Okay, again, not true. All three of us brought our MacBooks with us so that we could regularly check email and Tweet and Plurk and post on Facebook. In that respect, we haven’t been slack in updating our friends (and frenemies?) on what we’ve been getting up to.

A little over a month ago, I deactivated my Facebook account. Let’s not get into details but just know that I did. It was a few days ago that I reactivated my account so Frankie and Abbey could tag me in their posts and vice-versa. I’ve got to be honest, it’s the instant gratification that makes microblogging more appealing compared to writing a longer post such as this. However, I must persist and so allow me to share with you a few photos, hoping that it’s sufficient enough for an update of sorts. Enjoy!

At the British Museum.

Checking in with the Queen at Buckingham Palace. Actually, we just came to see the changing of the guards.

After watching the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, it was time to find a place to have lunch. We chanced upon a little Pinoy shop that sold food and other groceries. Frankie posted a photo in a previous entry. Then it was off to Parliament House and Westminster Abbey and Westminster Cathedral.

Hello from Parliament House.

As we were about to walk to Westminster Abbey, we spotted the new Philippine Tourism slogan. I ran as fast as I could to take a photo. Other tourists were trying to see what it was I was trying to catch. Maybe they thought I spotted a celebrity or something. Haha.

It’s more fun in the Philippines ad spotted in London.

Abbey in front of Westminster Abbey.

I think I must have dialled the wrong number because instead of taking us to the Ministry of Magic, we ended up at…

Trying to get into the Ministry of Magic.

Temple Church.

Temple Church

After all this, we also met up with Frankie’s friend, Varvie, who also happens to be friends with some of my friends. And we finally met, Simon (fellow Plurker), who’s friends with Abbey and Jay-R. Now we all have new friends!

Drinks at Chiquito, Leicester Square.

It wasn’t all fun and touring for us, you know. Our one and only chore at King’s Cross? Laundry! That’s the price you have to pay when you want to travel light. I don’t think we did much touring that Monday. Let’s just say it was our “day off”. Inday, ang labada!

Adventures at the laundromat on Cromer Street where the attendant was Pinay.

On our last day in London, we did Sherlock Holmes and also the National Gallery.

We went to the Sherlock Holmes Museum! Frankie and I even bought deer hunting hats.

At the Baker Street Underground Station. Why do I look so serious?!

This may seem like an odd place to cut this entry but I must. It was supposed to be an attempt at a semi-microblog but I realise how long this post has become. Later, peeps!